Planned Improvements

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New sidewalks are added in Greensboro in any of these ways:

  • As required site improvements through the development approval process (see policies)
  • Incorporated into the design of roadway resurfacing, widening, reconstruction or new construction projects
  • As stand-alone sidewalk installation projects initiated by GDOT or by citizen petition.

Pedestrian countdownThe City also maintains and upgrades damaged or deficient sidewalks and wheelchair ramps throughout Greensboro. Because of limited funds, our practice is to upgrade ramps to current standards whenever a street is repaved.

If you know of damaged or deficient sidewalks or ramps, please tell us.

Sidewalk Construction Projects

The City's ongoing efforts to construct new sidewalks are made possible in part by Transportation Improvement Bonds from 2000, 2008, and 2016. These projects are one aspect of the City's walkability policy.

For recently completed and upcoming sidewalk projects, view the Transportation Project Update Newsletter of projects around the city and region.


For more information on sidewalks, contact GDOT staff.