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  • It's always safer to walk on sidewalks than in the roadway.
  • If there are no sidewalks, walk on the left side of the road facing traffic. Note: this is the correct side for walking, but it's the wrong side for bicycling! See our bicycle safety information.
  • Use crosswalks whenever you're within 50 feet (about 10 sidewalk squares) of one - it's the law.
  • Always check for turning traffic when crossing at a traffic signal, especially for vehicles turning right on red.
  • Never cross in front of a transit bus unless it's stopped at a traffic signal. Other vehicles may be passing the bus and those drivers will not see you. Instead, wait for the bus to leave the stop, then cross behind it.
  • Be visible - use reflective clothing or blinking lights when walking or exercising at night or during inclement weather.
  • If you're on a busy sidewalk, keep to the right and pass slower pedestrians on the left.

For more pedestrian safety information, visit the links to other organizations.