Sidewalk Petitions

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Sidewalk Petition Program for Neighborhood Streets

Want a sidewalk on your street? The City of Greensboro has a Sidewalk Petition Program for neighborhood streets. Sidewalk petitions are necessary for new sidewalk projects to be authorized for local, low-speed neighborhood streets. Major and minor thoroughfares and other primary routes are not covered under the petition program.

The Plan
Before considering whether to petition for a sidewalk on your street, review this list of upcoming sidewalk projects and the accompanying map from the BiPed Plan Update to see if your street already has a sidewalk project underway. If your street is not on the list, and it is a local street, a petition may be appropriate.

Next, think about where you would like to have the sidewalk built. Here are some general considerations for locating and assessing local conditions for  a new sidewalk:

  • New sidewalks must either connect to existing sidewalks or end at a cross-street. A new sidewalk cannot end in the middle of a block.
  • Look closely at the area where you want to have new sidewalk built. If you have these impediments, sidewalk construction might not be possible without removing them:
    • Big trees
    • Excessive slopes
    • Fences, walls
    • Poles, hydrants.
  • Generally, sidewalks can only be installed where streets already have curbs and gutters.
  • Sidewalks are constructed and assessed on a street-by-street basis. That is, sidewalks cannot be petitioned for a whole neighborhood; each street must be petitioned individually. 

The Process
Once you have determined what street(s) you would like to have a sidewalk on, follow these steps to complete a petition:

  • Contact GDOT staff to start the petition process and discuss the project's limits and determine its feasibility. Staff will need to field-review the proposed project.
  • If it is determined to be a feasible project, staff will develop a petition form and maps specific to your project. These will be mailed and e-mailed to you (if applicable).
  • As the petitioner, you are responsible for obtaining at least 51 percent of the affected property owners' signatures approving the sidewalk project. When you have completed the petition, you must return it to GDOT.
  • If the completed petition has enough signatures, your project will be authorized and sent to the City's Engineering and Inspections Department for design and assignment to a Project Manager.
  • You and your neighbors will receive progress reports from your Project Manager.

Additional Tips
Here are some final guidelines for the Sidewalk Petition Program:

  • Only property owners may petition for new sidewalks.
  • You may petition for more than one block and, in some cases (such as near a school), on both sides of a street.
  • It is usually a good idea to talk to your neighbors before you start the petition to make sure you have their support.
  • Although 51 percent approval of adjacent property owners is the required minimum to authorize a sidewalk project, we encourage you to get a super-majority of property owner approvals.
  • A sidewalk project authorized through the sidewalk petition process is considered a final decision and GDOT will complete the project in a timely manner as funding resources allow.
  • A street may be re-petitioned for a sidewalk if the first petition is unsuccessful.

Contact GDOT staff by e-mail or 336-373-4368.  

Enjoy walking on your new sidewalk!