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Transportation Working for Business

What is Corporate Connections?

  • A program that provides businesses with an opportunity to partner with the Greensboro Transit Authority to meet the transportation needs of employees.
  • The Corporate Connections partnership involves you, as the employer, providing an employee benefit by subsidizing transit fares, and GTA, providing travel training, route coordination, and communications and promotional assistance.

How does my company benefit?

  • When you provide transit passes to your employees as a benefit - subsidizing either all or part of the cost of the pass - you can deduct the entire cost, up to $100 per month for each employee, as a business expense.
  • Or you may choose to enable your employees to purchase the passes through a pre-tax payroll deduction.
  • As an employer, you can have confidence that your employees have safe, dependable transportation to and from work each day.

How do our employees benefit?

  • When you provide subsidized transit passes to your employees as a benefit, they know that they have dependable, affordable transportation each day.
  • Employees are able to focus more on their jobs and less on transportation worries.

How does my community benefit?

  • CongestionYour community will be able to enjoy the benefits of improved air quality, reduced traffic congestion, increased access to jobs, and increased safety, providing it with an enhanced quality of life.

How do we get started with Corporate Connections?

Call us! To get more information or to join Corporation Connections, call or contact Sharon Smiley at 373-2182.