Vision Zero Greensboro Working Groups

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As part of the Vision Zero Greensboro process, stakeholders have volunteered to work directly on issues in three areas of concern.

Emphasis Area 1 – Speed and Driver Awareness

Both data analysis and stakeholder discussion identified speeding as a leading issue in Greensboro. This emphasis area also addresses keeping drivers alert, which includes driving under the influence and distracted driving.

Emphasis Area 2 – Run Off the Road and Protecting All Users 

Data analysis revealed over half of Greensboro and Guilford County fatalities involved a vehicle departing the roadway or crossing the center line. Protecting all users refers to occupant protection (such as seatbelt use) and age-related crashes (younger or older adult drivers).

Emphasis Area 3 – Protecting Vulnerable Users

This issue had a strong focus at the first stakeholder workshop and includes pedestrians, bicyclist, and motorcyclists. It addresses the needs of all users and ensures that adequate facilities are a consideration in community design.