Drinking Water & Water Supply

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Do you have questions about water quality? Wonder where our water originates? Concerned about contingencies? Here are links to pages that provide helpful answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Drinking Water Quality

  • Why is my drinking water milky, cloudy or white?
  • What is the chlorine taste or odor in my water?
  • Why is my water discolored (yellow, red, or brown)?
  • What would cause a musty, moldy, or earthy taste or odor in the water?
  • Why is fluoride added to the water? Is it safe?
  • I'm getting pink or black residues on surfaces in contact with water. Why?
  • I see white or black particles in the water. What causes this?
  • My water is cloudy and/or tastes bad. Who should I contact?
  • Is my water safe? Do I need to boil my water?
  • My family has been sick. How can I be sure my water is not the cause?
  • I have low water pressure in my home. Who should I contact?
  • What is the range of water pressure in Greensboro?
Emergency Drinking Water
  • Where does our water come from?
  • What has the Water Resources Department done to prepare for emergencies?
  • How do I store water?
  • Where can I get more information?
Home Water Filtration and Heating
  • Do I need a water filter?
  • How do I flush a water heater?
  • How do I disinfect a water heater?
Water Hardness
  • Somebody left bottles at my house as part of a Community Water Test. Does the Greensboro Water Resources Department do this?
  • My neighbor had this test done and was told the Greensboro City water is alkaline. Is this true?
  • Does Greensboro have 'hard' water? And what exactly does that mean?
  • What are these grains of hardness that people refer to?
  • My neighbor said City water has a hardness of 2-3 gpg. Is that hard or soft?
  • What causes water hardness? Should I be concerned about contamination?
  • Are there advantages to having extremely soft water?
  • What about disadvantages to softening?
  • Why would anyone in Greensboro soften the City water if we already have moderately soft water?