Manholes and Storm Drains

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I have a manhole cover in my neighborhood that needs to be replaced. Who should I contact?
If the manhole is in the street, contact Water Resources Construction and Maintenance at 336-373-2033. If the manhole is on top of a storm drain on the side of the road, call the City of Greensboro Field Operations Department at 336-373-2489.

What is the difference between the sanitary sewer and the storm drainage system?
A sanitary sewer collects wastewater from inside your home to be treated at one of the City's two wastewater treatment plants. Contact Construction and Maintenance at 336-373-2033 to report problems.

The storm drainage system collects rainwater from the street, sidewalks, gutters and ditches. This water flows, untreated, into streams and lakes. Contact the City of Greensboro Field Operations Department at 336-373-2489 to report a problem.