Grease Interceptor Requirements

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The City of Greensboro Engineering and Inspections Department, Plumbing Inspections Division must approve grease retention unit design prior to installation by the food service establishment.

  • All grease retention units, whether singular or two tanks in series, must have each chamber directly accessible from the surface to provide means for servicing and maintaining the retention unit in efficient working and operating condition.
  • All grease retention units shall be designed and installed to allow for complete access for inspection and maintenance of the inner chamber(s) and viewing and sampling of the effluent wastewater discharged to the sanitary sewer.
  • A basket, screen, or other intercepting device shall prevent passage into the drainage system of solids that are half-inch or larger in size. The basket or device shall be placed in all food preparation sinks and must be removable for cleaning purposes.
  • Drainage systems conveying sanitary waste (toilets, lavatories, etc.) shall not be connected to the influent side of the grease retention unit.
  • Where food waste grinders are installed, the waste from those units shall discharge directly into the building drainage system without passing through a grease interceptor. All other fixtures and drains receiving kitchen or food preparation wastewater shall pass through a grease retention unit.
  • Dishwashers equipped with booster heaters and/or using water in excess of 140° F shall not pass through any grease retention unit with less than a 1,000-gallon capacity.

Construction Standards Exception
Under certain circumstances, the grease retention unit size and location may necessitate special exceptions to this policy. If the City determines that an exception to this policy is necessary, the user must first demonstrate that the proposed size and location will not result in noncompliance with the intent and discharge requirements of the Fats, Oils, and Grease Control Policy. The facility shall then submit appropriate site plans for any additions or renovations.