Requirements for Existing Buildings

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Existing Food Service Establishments with Grease Retention Units

  • All existing food service establishments with grease retention units shall operate and maintain such units in compliance with this policy and shall comply with the Enforceable Best Management Practices.
  • In the event an existing food preparation establishment’s grease retention unit is either under-designed or substandard in accordance with this policy, the owner(s) will be notified in writing of the deficiencies and required improvements and given a compliance deadline not to exceed one year to conform to the requirements of this policy. For cases in which outdoor type grease interceptors are unfeasible to install, existing food service establishments will be required to install adequate and approved internal in-floor recessed grease traps for use on individual fixtures, including sinks and other potentially grease containing drains.
  • Site plans must be submitted for additions and renovations made to existing facilities. Site plans must be signed and sealed by a North Carolina professional engineer to certify the plan meets all requirements of this policy. Improvements made to existing facilities will be evaluated to determine their impact on the grease retention unit. Establishments will be required to install a larger unit if the potential daily grease production is significantly increased.


New Food Service Establishments in Existing Buildings

Where practical, food service establishments locating in existing buildings will be required to comply with the requirements applicable to new construction. Where it is physically impossible to install outdoor interceptors, internal in-floor recessed grease traps may be allowed, provided prior approval of unit type, size, and location is obtained from the City of Greensboro.