Requirements for New Buildings

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New Food Service Establishments in New Buildings

  • All new food service establishments shall be required to install at least a 1,000-gallon outdoor grease interceptor, unless granted a variance for cause by the City of Greensboro. Any food service establishment wishing to seek a variance for cause must submit a Variance for Cause Request to the FOG Coordinator.
  • Grease retention units shall be sized in accordance with the City of Greensboro Plumbing Inspections Department criteria.
  • No new food service establishments will be allowed to initiate operations until a grease retention unit is installed and approved by the Plumbing Inspections Division.
  • Site plans must be submitted for all new food service establishments. Site plans must be signed and sealed by a North Carolina licensed professional engineer to certify the plan meets all requirements of this policy.

New Buildings (Strip Centers) with the
Potential for Food Service Establishments

  • All new buildings or strip centers containing sections designated for commercial enterprise of the strip center are encouraged to provide a stub-out for a separate waste line for future grease interceptor installation.
  • The owner of a new strip center shall consider suitable physical property space and sewer gradient that will be conducive for the installation of an exterior, in-ground grease interceptor(s) for any flex space contained within the strip center.
  • Physical property restrictions and sewer gradient shall not be a defense for failure to install an exterior, in-ground grease interceptor.