Floodplain Damage Prevention Information Updates

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Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Update

The Greensboro Development Ordinance sets forth specific rules and regulations to manage development within the special flood hazard area depicted in the effective Flood Insurance Study (FIS) and Flood Insurance Rate Maps (FIRM). Regulating development in this area is vital to ensure continued community eligibility in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP).

For more information concerning flooding and flood damage prevention, call the Stormwater Division at 336-373-2055 or send an e-mail.

Review process for revising FIRMs
North Carolina's Division of Emergency Management reviews requests for Conditional Letters of Map Revision (CLOMRs) and Letters of Map Revision (LOMRs) to a community's FIRM.

MT-2 applications (CLOMRs or LOMRs) whether submitted by local governments or private developers, should be mailed to the State of North Carolina. The application forms are available on both FEMA’s and the state’s websites.

For more information about the MT-2 review process, contact Steve Garrett, CFM. LOMC Manager, NCFMP at 919-715-5711, ext. 118, e-mail Steve Garrett, or visit the North Carolina Flood Mapping Program website.