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What can you do to keep Greensboro's sewers fat-free?

You can help prevent pipe blockages and sewer overflows by keeping grease out of the sewer system. Follow these simple tips to prevent fats, oils, and grease from washing down your drain.

  • Never pour grease down the drain. Pour waste grease into a disposable container and place it in the trash. Scrape grease and food scraps from plates, pots, pans, utensils, and cooking surfaces into a container for disposal in the trash.
  • Minimize use of the garbage disposal. Garbage disposals only shred solid material into smaller pieces and do not prevent grease from going down the drain. Place baskets or strainers in the sink to catch food scraps and other solids and dispose of them in the trash.
  • Be wary of commercial additives, including detergents, that claim to dissolve grease. These chemicals may pass grease down the sewer line and cause problems in other areas.
  • Spread the word: Talk to your neighbors and friends about the problem of grease in the sewer system and how to keep it out. Make sure neighborhood residents know the risks of pouring grease and oil down sink drains and what they should do as an alternative.
Think Before You Put it in the Sink!