Departmental Publications and Videos

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System Improvements
Water Resources Department Video

Pollution Prevention Educational Material
Concrete and Mortar
Pet Waste
Drain Marker
Piedmont Yardstick Workbook
Growing Clean Water

Stormwater Department Videos and Commercials 
Mobile Washer
Household Pollutants
Stream Buffer Man
Fish Fertilizer
Litter Prevention
Fish Oil

Piedmont Triad Water Quality Partnership Commercials and Videos
Litter Cowboy
Stream Buffers
Pet Waste
General Pollution Prevention - Stormwater Cocktail
Used Motor Oil
Anti-Litter (kids version)
Piedmont Yardstick Workbook Video 1 - Right Plant, Mulching, Watering Effectively
Piedmont Yardstick Workbook Video 2 - Fertilizing, Recycling, Reducing Stormwater Runoff
Piedmont Yardstick Workbook Video 3 - Protecting Wildlife, Managing Yard Pests, Protecting the Waterfront

Water Conservation Educational Material
How Much Water Indoors
Partners in Water Efficiency
WaterWise Home
WaterWise Lawn Care
WaterWise Landscaping
Water Conservation Partners
Water Resources Education & Outreach 2017-2018
Project WET Educators Workshop

What is it Worth

Regulatory Reports - Fats, Oils and Grease Video and Policies
Grease Blob
FOG Policy Chinese
FOG BMPs Chinese
FOG Enforcement Chinese
FOG BMPs English
FOG Policy English
FOG Enforcement English
FOG Enforcement Spanish
FOG Policy Spanish
FOG BMPs Spanish

Water Supply Educational Material
Water Treatment Plant

Wastewater Educational Material
Wastewater Treatment Plant

Additional Resources
Stormwater Appeal Form
Infrastructure Policy