Toilet Replacement

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Your toilet could save you money

Fixing leaks is often an easy and inexpensive way to get some remarkable water savings, but did you know that replacing fixtures can produce savings as well? For example, a family of three that replaces toilets using five gallons per flush with new ones, which use 1.6 gallons, could save more than 15,000 gallons or about $100 per year. Toilet use accounts for about 30 percent of water used in the home. Find other ways you can conserve water.

*Water and sewer cost based on 2011 monthly residential "10th through the 30th units" rate at $2.30 per unit plus the sewer volume charge of $2.85 per unit, for a total of $5.15 per 748 gallons.

Toilet age and

 flush volume

Estimated water use

per year by 3 people

Estimated water

and sewer cost*

5 gallons
(generally pre-1980)

23,000 gallons


3.5 gallons
(generally 1980-1993)

16,100 gallons


1.6 gallons
(low-flow toilet, since 1994)

7,400 gallons