Stormwater Program

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Greensboro's Stormwater Management Program is committed to the preservation and enhancement of residents' quality of life through water quality improvement, drainage infrastructure management, flood hazard minimization, and public awareness.

Developers and Contractors
Find the Stormwater Management Manual, Greensboro Streams Map, Water Supply Watershed Map, information about who to contact with stormwater plan review questions, and more.

Stormwater Programs and Projects
Learn about programs such as water quality monitoring, illicit discharge detection, stream restoration, and many other initiatives to manage the quality and quantity of surface water.

Stormwater Control Measures
Learn about stormwater control measures (SCMs), used in Greensboro to protect water quality.

Flood Information
Find out about flood zone determination, flood insurance information, and links to other related flood information sources.

Stormwater Billing Information
View stormwater rates, information about where stormwater dollars are spent, and frequently asked questions about the stormwater program, stormwater fees, and rates.

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Stormwater Management Plans
Clarifications for submitting "Grandfather" plans prior to June 1, 2009

NPDES Phase II Ordinance Language Changes:
Summary of Ordinance Text Amendment Changes
Chapter 30 Post Construction Document
Chapter 27 Post Construction Document

Revised Stormwater Manual

Litter Prevention

2007 Storm Drainage Design Manual

Step Back Water Calculation Document and Water Surface Profile Graph [MS Excel]

SCM Certification Changes

Volunteers Programs