Programs and Projects

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The Stormwater Management Division strives to provide Greensboro residents with the best programs and projects in the area. Reducing the amount of pollutants carried by stormwater runoff to the community's lakes and streams is an important goal for the division. To achieve this goal, the division continuously works to improve and maintain the City's existing stormwater drainage systems, identify and eliminate illicit connections and illegal dumping, educate residents and businesses about various stormwater related issues, and develop plans to address future stormwater management needs.

Programs and Projects
Illicit Connections and Improper Disposal
Infrastructure Inventory
Reporting Drainage Concerns
South Buffalo Creek Wetland Project
Stream Reforestation
Stream Restoration and Stabilization
Water Quality Monitoring

On November 8, 2014, a presentation was provided to the Greensboro Neighborhood Congress at the Greensboro Central Library. During the meeting a variety of stormwateter topics were covered, including general stormwater information, pollution prevention, flood plain management, flood zone determination, water quality monitoring and industrial inspections, and drainage system maintenance.

The informational video is divided into three different sections. Each section provides further insight into the Stormwater Management program.