Infrastructure Inventory

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To improve our understanding of how stormwater moves throughout Greensboro, a thorough stormwater infrastructure inventory project is currently underway. The Stormwater Operations team is compiling information on all drainage structures, both old and new, in the City of Greensboro. This information will help us implement a more proactive approach to system maintenance.

The overall objective of the Stormwater Infrastructure Inventory project is to gather information about the location and specific structure dimensions/condition of all City stormwater conveyance systems and to establish complete connectivity of the stormwater conveyance systems.

AdeThe Stormwater Infrastructure Inventory project includes three primary components: (1) determination of the location of each structure; (2) collection of structure attributes; and (3) development of a GIS database that includes all of the information on the stormwater conveyance system. The project is limited to drainage conveyance structures connected to stormwater system pipes of 12-inch internal diameter or larger. Stormwater structures inventory includes manholes, junction boxes, curb inlets, grate inlets, yard inlets, combination inlets (throat and grate openings), pipe inlets, pipe outlets, culverts, bridges, ponds/lakes, channels, and swales.

As Greensboro continues to experience growth, the level of effort and potential difficulties associated with managing the existing and developing storm drainage systems will increase. The inventory project is an ongoing process. As new developments are built, more infrastructure will be installed and will need to be inventoried.

The City's inventory includes both public and private storm drainage systems. Therefore, temporary access to these properties is needed.