South Buffalo Habitat and Water Quality Improvement Project

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Construction on Phase 1 of the South Buffalo Habitat and Water Quality Improvement Project starts in 2013 thanks to a $400,000 grant awarded by the Clean Water Management Trust Fund (CWMTF). The project site is located between Meadowview Road and Farragut Street, behind the Maxway Shopping Center on Randleman Road. The project is scheduled to start within the next year at an estimated cost of $972,000. Additional costs not covered by the CWMTF grant will be provided by Stormwater Management Capital Project Funds. The project will integrate stream and floodplain restoration and wetland enhancements. View the project map.  

The CWMTF was established in 1996 to help finance projects that enhance or restore degraded waters, protect unpolluted waters and drinking water supplies, and/or contribute toward a network of riparian buffers and greenways for environmental, educational and recreational benefits. CWMTF has awarded $95.7 million to fund 168 stream and wetland restoration projects throughout North Carolina.

According to the North Carolina Department of Environment and Natural Resources (NCDENR), South Buffalo Creek is classified as “impaired” due to poor water quality conditions. This project is an essential step toward improving conditions for this stream segment. Maintaining and restoring water quality in our streams has a direct impact on our drinking water supplies, the biological health of our environment, and the continued use of water for recreational purposes.

The City of Greensboro Stormwater Division hopes to continue this effort to improve water quality at South Buffalo and surrounding streams by securing additional funding in the future from the CWMTF.