Lindley Park Restoration Project

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The NC Department of Transportation (NCDOT) recently identified problems located within the upper and lower sections of the stream segment. The lack of bank stabilization, the increased flow velocities due to the increased development within the watershed, and the lack of riparian forest habitat were several problems discovered within the upper stream segment. The lower tributary and stream segment contain a large amount of stream bank erosion, along with no riparian forest or shrub vegetation. The construction was completed in 2001.

Based on an evaluation and assessments of the stream, the following goals were implemented:

  • Stabilize eroded stream banks.
  • Establish a forested riparian corridor along the stream to provide wildlife habitat.
  • Provide vegetative cover/shading for aquatic habitat.
  • Establish a stable channel to accommodate high velocity storm events.
  • Modify pipe outlets to provide energy dissipation.

Lindley Before
Before Restoration

Lindley After
After Restoration