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Spring Valley Restoration Project

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Over the course of 40 years, the increased development, combined with the removal of natural vegetation, caused deterioration of the Spring Valley stream segment. The major problems with this stream are the lack of stabilization of the banks, the increased flow velocities, and the lack of riparian habitat along the stream

Stream bank erosion is occurring throughout the stream reach, isolated more in the top section but more severe throughout the lower section. At the double box culvert underneath Glenhaven Drive, the east barrel of the culvert is partially blocked due to sediment and vegetation that has eroded and slumped into the stream. Underneath the northernmost pedestrian bridge, large rock and a fallen tree are trapping debris in this area of the stream. With the exception of a small forested area along the western stream bank in the lower segment, there is no riparian forested or shrub vegetation along the stream banks.

Based on an evaluation and assessment, the following goals were implemented:

  • Stabilize eroded stream banks to provide structural integrity to the stream and reduce sedimentation into the channel.
  • Establish a riparian corridor along the stream to provide wildlife habitat.
  • Provide vegetative cover/shading for aquatic habitat.
  • Establish a stable channel to accommodate high velocity flash floods.

Spring Valley Before
Before Restoration

Spring Valley After
After Restoration