Starmount Park Restoration Project

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In Starmount Park, bank erosion in the upstream section was common along sections of the right bank with bank heights averaging four to six feet. This erosion may be attributed to a sanitary sewer which runs parallel to the stream along this section, restricting access to the floodplain on this side of the stream, and the absence of well-rooted vegetation on the streambank before restoration.

The downstream section, below West Market Street, was characterized by isolated reaches of bank erosion, with the most significant section occurring along the right bank of the park pedestrian trail system. Increased flows and upstream widening were likely contributing factors to this erosion. The construction was completed in 2000.

Based on an evaluation and assessment of the stream, the following goals were implemented:

  • Establish stable channel geometry for low and high flows.
  • Enhance warm water fisheries habitat.
  • Enhance water quality and reduce localized erosion.
  • Stabilize eroded banks.
  • Protect adjacent structures/utilities from damage.
  • Maintain and promote efficient sediment transport.
  • Promote environmental awareness.
  • Establish improved recreation access.

Starmount Park 1B
Restoration Construction