Stream Restoration Structures

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J HookJ-Hooks are rock structures that roll water away from the banks. The "J" portion provides fish habitat by creating scour in the center of the channel.





VaneVanes are rock structures that roll water away from the bank and prevent erosion.





Cross VaneCross vanes are rock structures that roll the water away from the banks, provide grade control, and prevent down-cutting of the channel.





Double wing DeflectorDouble wing deflectors are rock structures that redirect the flow of the stream, narrow the bottom of the channel, and create a scour hole below the structure for fish habitat.




Root WadRoot wads are tree root masses that deflect water away from the bank and create fish habitat.





Step PoolStep pools are rock structures used to dissipate energy in steep channels. These structures mimic natural mountain systems where water runs over boulders and drops into pools at their base.





Constructed RiffleConstructed riffles are rock structures that provide grade control, set the slope of the riffle, aerate the water, and create aquatic insect habitats.





Boulder ClusterBoulder clusters are rock structures that change the flow pattern and provide a greater diversity of habitat.