Randleman Lake

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The City of Greensboro started receiving treated water from Piedmont Triad Regional Water Authority on October 4, 2010. Despite immense delays with regulations, restrictions, and permits, the construction of the Randleman Lake Dam was completed in 2004. Construction of the water treatment plant began in 2008 and was completed in the summer of 2010. While the Water Authority worked on constructing the water plant, Greensboro established a connection to the plant by installing a feeder main. This project is important for all participating communities and has always been a top priority for the City of Greensboro.

RandlemanRecognizing the need many years ago to extend its water supply, City representatives began to search for another source of water. The answer was the Randleman Lake Project. Plans for this project date back to the 1930s, with the first proposal from the US Army Corps of Engineers (USACE) for a flood control lake.

In the late 1980s, six regional governments formed the Piedmont Triad Water Authority (PTRWA) to build and administer the lake as a water supply after the federal government withdrew from the project. Learn more about the PTRWA.

The purpose of the project is to develop a safe and dependable water supply for North Carolina’s Piedmont Triad region that will satisfy the projected water demand for a period of 30-50 years. The 18 billion gallon lake will produce 48 million gallons of water per day (MGD), which will be distributed to the cooperating jurisdictions. Greensboro’s total share of 25.5 MGD will increase our water supply by 75 percent.

The cost of the $140 million project will be divided among the participating jurisdictions, but Greensboro’s share will be larger because of the higher percentage of water we will receive from the lake. Greensboro’s financial responsibility for capital and operational expenditures relating to the Randleman Dam project is 53.1 percent.