Water Pressure Zone Conversion Project

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Project Overview

As part of its Capital Improvement Program (CIP), the Water Resources Department made improvements within the water distribution system in 2016. Upgrades enhance water pressure for properties located around the Hilltop Road area. View the project location map. Please note: Only the parcels located in the darker shaded areas with labeled address information were affected by the pressure zone conversion project.

The City is divided into four water pressure zones. Each zone is influenced by the storage tank elevation serving that zone. Water is supplied to each zone from water pumping stations that pump water from an adjacent lower zone. Water lines are interconnected within each zone to minimize service interruptions and provide for a continuous flow of water throughout the zone. The operation of each zone must meet water demand needs in addition to supporting a higher zone as water is pumped from one zone into another.

Customers have different water pressures due to their location relative to the water tank serving them. Low water pressure issues can be due to the high elevation of the area in relation to the tank level serving that zone. Customers may experience water pressures of approximately 40 pounds per square inch (psi). 

After the 2016 upgrades, water pressures increased to approximately 80 psi.