Water & Sewer Rehabilitation

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About Our Rehab Program

Aging infrastructure is a problem in Greensboro as it is throughout the country. Most of our city's nearly 3,000 miles of water and sewer lines were installed prior to the 1950s. Some were installed before 1910.

Today, Greensboro's water and sewer systems are getting an upgrade through the City’s Water and Sewer Rehabilitation Program, which is funded by water and sewer rates. The City budgets about $8 million every year for rehabilitation, with the goal being to rehab one percent of the water and sewer pipes every year. 

Watch this YouTube video overview of Greensboro's water and sewer rehab program.


In general, Greensboro uses trenchless methods for rehab projects. These method are less expensive and less disruptive to residents and businesses. Yes, any rehab project will cause some temporary disruptions, but City staff and their contractors strive to minimize those disruptions. Most rehab jobs last four to six weeks. 

Advantages to Repairing Deteriorating Pipes

  • Reduces water main breaks
  • Improves water quality
  • Increases volume of water available
  • Extends the life of the water/sewer line
  • Removes roots from sewer pipes that cause blockages and sewer overflows
  • Repairs cracked and collapsed pipes that cause sinkholes
  • Prevents rainwater infiltration from entering sewer pipes, causing pipes to overflow
  • Helps keep the water in our streams, rivers, and lakes clean.

Rehab Information for You

On our Water Rehab page and Sewer Rehab page, you will find:

  • A map of current rehab projects
  • Information about rehab methods the City and its contractors use
  • Details about how rehab projects may affect you
  • An outline of when and how you will be notified about projects in your immediate area
  • Phone numbers for who to call for more information about a project. 

Receive Email Notifications

You can also sign up to receive automatic e-mail notifications when any stage of a rehab job closes an intersection, road or lane in Greensboro, as well as other topics. Visit the e-notify web page to sign up in the news section of the page for “Road Closings/Traffic Alerts.”

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