Water Rehab

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In 2004, the City established a formal program to address our aging water distribution system, which consists of about 1,500 miles of water lines within Greensboro city limits. The goal is to tackle one percent of our system each year.

Pipe History

About one-third of the City's water distribution system is 50 years old or older and those pipes are cast iron. The average pipe age is about 40. Over time, cast iron becomes brittle and is susceptible to a buildup of iron deposits. This can cause your water to be discolored and have an unusual taste, and it can reduce water flow.

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water rehab projects.

Rehab Process

Water Resources Department staff consider many factors when determining the priority of water line rehabilitation, such as:

  • Age and material of line
  • Fire hydrant flow capacity
  • Existing water quality issues
  • Water main break history
  • Road resurfacing priorities.

After identifying the next section of the system that needs attention, staff determine which rehab method is best for that particular location. The evaluation process also includes looking at future work and whether additional valves, hydrants, and stub outs for future projects are needed.

Water Rehab Methods
Epoxy Lining
Dig & Replace


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