Water System

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New! Consumer Confidence Report

The City of Greensboro Water Resources Department is dedicated and committed to maintaining a high quality product that meets or surpasses all standards for health, safety, and aesthetic appeal. Drinking water is pumped from three watershed reservoirs to one of two treatment plants where the water is cleaned, tested, and pumped into the distribution system. The City's plants treat and deliver an average of about 32 million gallons of water per day.

Greensboro residents have been provided with safe, clean water for almost 100 years to use in their homes, schools, and businesses each day. Certified water treatment operators, maintenance specialists, and lab specialists accomplish this by working around the clock, performing more than 250,000 water quality tests annually to ensure that the water delivered to you continues to be of the highest quality.

Every year, the City of Greensboro Water Resources Department and all other water utilities are required by law to compile a water quality report, also called a Consumer Confidence Report, and make it available to all customers by July 1.