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Fish Pond and Aquarium Owners

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Gold FishSpecial Precautions for Fish Pond and Aquarium Owners

Fish take chlorine and chloramines directly into their bloodstream. Chlorine and chloramines should be removed from water used in fish tanks, ponds, and aquariums. Individuals or businesses that keep fish or other animals in tanks, aquariums, or ponds should ask a pet supply company about removing chlorine and chloramines. Restaurants and grocery stores with lobster tanks must take special precautions to treat the water also.

Protect Your Fish, Amphibians, and Reptiles

Chloramines and Chlorine are toxic to both fresh and saltwater fish. Drinking water with added artificial sea salts must have ammonia and chlorine removed from it first if it's to be used in saltwater fish tanks. Chloramines and chlorine should ideally be removed from water before being added to a pond, used either for fish or aquaculture.

Chloraminated and Chlorinated water passes through gills, directly entering the fish, amphibian and reptile bloodstream. Chloramines and chlorine must be removed because they bind to iron in red blood cell hemoglobin causing a reduced cell capacity to carry oxygen. Consult with pet store personnel and professionals about removal methods.