Guilford County Private Wells

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Information About Private Wellswell

Private wells are an important component of the water resource infrastructure in Guilford County, where close to 25 percent of residents rely on private wells, and throughout North Carolina, where private wells serve roughly 25 percent of residents.

The City of Greensboro and Guilford County Environmental Health share a commitment to inform residents about the presence of emerging contaminants in the water supply, and just as importantly, the steps we are taking to minimize the risks these contaminants can pose to our community.

For those residents who rely on a private well for their source of water and are concerned about the quality of the water they may be receiving, Guilford County Environmental Health provides technical assistance and (fee-based) water quality testing.

While the county’s public health laboratory is not designed to test for emerging contaminants like PFOS and PFOA, it can refer concerned residents to laboratories that are set up to perform this type of analysis.

Two such laboratories, which can perform these tests for a fee, are listed below.

PFOS / PFOA Analysis Laboratories

Eurofins Eaton Analytical, LLC
Contact: Joseph M. Mattheis, Account Manager / Analytical Services Manager
Phone: 919-803-5777
Mobile: 919-376-7978

Pace Analytical
Contact: Nathan Eklund
Phone: 612-710-0151
Contact: Paul Jackson
Phone: 813-731-1595