Housing Bonds

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HOUSING BONDS: $25 million

Housing Bond 2Overview
Bond funds will be used to buy, build, improve or otherwise equip multi-family and single-family homes for people with low or moderate incomes. Projects may include housing or neighborhood revitalization programs or providing loans and grants to individuals, developers or other organizations.

Proposed Projects:

  • $8 million to expand homeownership programs for approximately 320 working class households earning up to 140 percent of the area median income. This project will provide incentives to defined groups such as public service workers, acquisition and rehabilitation of distressed properties, and mixed income purchases in target areas. 
  • $4 million to provide loans for new construction or rehabilitation of approximately 80 rental homes in East Greensboro.
  • $3 million to repair approximately 120 homes that have been ordered to be fixed by the Minimum Housing Standards Commission.
  • $3 million in loans for developers to build or rehabilitate approximately 150 affordable rental homes.
  • $2 million to provide loans to develop approximately 27 homes for people with special needs, including the chronically homeless, disabled or veterans.
  • $1.5 million in grants to provide emergency repairs for approximately 150 homes where residents have been poisoned with lead paint or there is no working heating system.
  • $1.5 million in loans for low or moderate income homeowners to rehabilitate approximately 30 homes.
  • $1 million for grants to homeowners or rental property owners to make handicapped accessibility improvements at approximately 80 homes.
  • $1 million for loans for approximately 50 home buyers with very low incomes.

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