Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is my Council member?

Council districts are shown on this Council District map. If you need assistance determining your district, call the City Clerk's office at 336-373-2397. Contact information for each Council member is listed on the City Council page of this website.

When are elections held for the Greensboro City Council? How long is a Council member's term? How many terms can a member serve?

Greensboro's elections, which are non-partisan, are held in odd years. The Mayor and three Council members are elected at large and the remaining five Council members are elected from districts. The Mayor and all Council members are elected for four-year terms. There are no term limits.

Where do I sign up to speak to the Council during a Council meeting?

You may sign up to speak when you arrive at the Council Chamber prior to the meeting.

Do I have to be a resident of Greensboro to speak at a Council meeting?


How do I get an item on the Council's agenda?

Agenda item requests must come from either a Council member or a City department employee, so you would have to work with one of those people to get an item on the Council agenda.

When, what time, and where does the City Council meet?

Council meetings begin at 5:30 pm, unless otherwise noted on this Web page. Meetings are held in the Council Chamber on the second floor of the Melvin Municipal Office Building, 300 W. Washington St.

Where do I get a copy of the City Council meeting agenda?

Council meeting agendas are available online prior to each meeting. You may also view copies of agendas in the City Clerk's office at the Melvin Municipal Office Building.

Who do I call to request a proclamation or special recognition?

Call the Mayor's office at 336-373-2396.

When do City Council meetings air on Greensboro Television Network (GTN)?

Council meetings are broadcast live on GTN and are aired regularly. Visit GTN's website for the current program schedule.

How can I find out if the Council passed an item on the agenda?

Call the City Clerk's office at 336-373-2397 or review meeting minutes on this Web page.

Is wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi) available in Council Chamber?

Yes. To access Wi-Fi in Council Chamber, use a Security System ID (SSID) of "CITY" (all uppercase letters).