Greensboro Cultural Arts Master Plan (GCAMP)

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Creative Greensboro: Arts and Culture Master Plan


Thank you for attending the Greensboro Cultural Arts Master Plan Research Report and Preliminary Strategies Event! 

Review the draft of the preliminary goals and recommendations here.

E-mail your feedback to:

The consultants will use this feedback when they present the “Creative Greensboro: Cultural Arts Master Plan” to City Council.


In recognition of the important role arts play in the local economy and culture, City Council  created a task force that will lead the effort to create a Greensboro Cultural Arts Master Plan (GCAMP). The City has hired a consulting firm to help create this plan called "Creative Greensboro."

Greensboro is a growing and vibrant community and this plan aims to create a foundation to advance and support creative life in Greensboro. Read our Frequently Asked Questions for more information. 

Watch this video about the Cultural Arts Master Plan process.

Volunteer Task Force
Co-Chairs: Councilwoman Nancy Hoffmann and Jacquie Gilliam
Members: Brian Greene, Dabney Sanders, Darlene McClinton, Eleanor Gwyn, Laura Way, Linda Sloan, Marty Kotis, Pat Levitin, Peter Alexander, Addy Jeffrey, Beverly McIver, Russ Robinson, Scott Roe, George Scheer, Waiyi Tse, Bob Powell, Josephus Thompson III, Larry Czarda, Jill White and Victoria Milstein

Sustainable Funding: George Scheer (Chair), Margaret Benjamin, Lisa Crawford, Larry Czarda, Brian Greene, Eleanor Gwyn, Rick Lusk, Victoria Milstein, Skip Moore, Scott Roe, Phelps Sprinkle, Jill White, Rich Whittington

Role of the City: Dabney Sanders (Chair), Kim Gatling, Addy Jeffrey, Zack Matheny, Bob Powell, Russ Robinson, Cheryl Stewart, Ray Trapp, Waiyi Tse, Chris Wilson

Emerging Greensboro: Laura Way (Chair), Peter Alexander, Amy Grossmann, Pat Levitin, Darlene McClinton, Beverly McIver, Walker Sanders, Linda Sloan, Josephus Thompson III, Kate Tobey, Andy Zimmerman

2018 Task Force Meeting Minutes
January 24
March 21
April meeting postponed due to tornado
September 26

April 25-28 - Community Engagement Events postponed due to tornado
June 6-9 - 16 Community Engagement Events held for input on arts and culture
June 30 - Survey closed
September 12 - Greensboro Cultural Arts Master Plan Findings Report Event, 5:30 - 7 pm, Union Square Auditorium, 124 E. Gate City Blvd. 
Creative Greensboro Preliminary Goals and Recommendations 

We Want to Hear From You

The GCAMP Task Force will create an inclusive inventory of organizations of all sizes. If you lead a Greensboro arts group, please submit your information online. We've heard from over 111 different arts and culture organizations so far! Be sure to sign-up. 

For more information about GCAMP and the Task Force, contact Sarah Healy, communications specialist, at 336-373-3763 or e-mail