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Access GSO LogoDo you have a disability?

 Have you ever had difficulty getting into or feeling comfortable in a restaurant because of your disability?

 Would it help to know -- before you leave the house -- that a restaurant is accessible and willing to offer accommodations if you ask?

Browse this list of accessible-friendly restaurants from the comfort of your home. And, always look for our Access Friendly logo at the entrance of restaurants.

Do you own a restaurant?

 Are you interested in learning how to make your establishment more accessible to people with disabilities?

About 12 percent of NC residents have a disability that could prevent them from coming to your restaurant.

Access Greensboro offers you free accessibility assessments and training, and lists your restaurant on our accessible-friendly list. Learn more below.


Access Greensboro

While many Greensboro restaurants have already take steps to be accessible to guests with a variety of limitations, there hasn't been a coordinated way for restaurants to communicate their efforts to these guests. And, many restaurants want to make accommodations, but they need guidance in identifying what to do and how. 

So in 2016, the Mayor's Committee for Persons with Disabilities launched Access Greensboro as a pilot program focusing first on downtown restaurants with the intention of providing service to all Greensboro restaurants in the future. 

Access Greensboro's purpose is to:

  • Provide detailed information about accessible dining establishments to people with disabilities
  • Provide free accessibility assessment and training to interested restaurateurs.

Restaurant owners interested in partnering with Access Greensboro and receiving free accessibility assessments and training should e-mail Sharon Williams or call 336-373-2954.

In keeping with the Mayor's Committee's commitment to collaboration and inclusiveness, Access Greensboro uses an evaluation system to examine and rate restaurants on their accessibility. The program provides a win-win for businesses, their current and potential patrons who have disabilities, and the Greensboro community at-large by showcasing accessible-friendly restaurants so everyone can enjoy dining out with ease.

Note: Access Greensboro is an informational resource for those who seek quality services and an educational resource for businesses that seek to improve their accessibility and create an inclusive environment. Although Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements are used within the assessment process, the goal of Access Greensboro is focused on gathering and sharing accessibility information and is not designed nor empowered to enforce compliance with ADA accessibility requirements.