Public Records Requests

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Public Records requests give you access to City of Greensboro public records, in accordance with Public Records law

How to Request, Check the Status and View Closed Public Records Requests


How to Request a Public Records Request

  1.  Under the Main Menu below, choose: Create a New Public Records Request
  2. Provide Contact Information, click the Next button
  3. Choose preferred Delivery Method from the dropdown menu, click the Next button
  4. Provide a Subject/Title for the request, then below, provide a Description. Please describe the records in detail. We will contact you if more information is needed. 
  5. Click Submit when finished. We respond promptly to all requests.

Check the Status of an Open Request

  1. Under the Main Menu below, choose: View Open Public Request Records
  2. Open Requests can be searched and sorted by: Request #, Subject, Date Requested, Date Completed, Requestor, Time Open

View Closed Public Record Requests

  • Under the Main Menu below, choose: View Closed Public Request Records
  • Closed Request Records can be viewed, searched and sorted by: Request #, Subject, Date Requested, Requestor, Status and Time Open

For more on how we respond to requests, including requests for 911 records, read our Public Records FAQ's and Public Records Policy.

Many City public records, such as City Council minutes, are on the City’s website.  See our guide to records you don’t have to request, to find city records and records that belong to other agencies and not the City of Greensboro, such as vital records (marriages, divorces, births, and deaths) and court records.

Questions?  Contact the Public Records Requests Administrator by e-mail or at 336-373-3636.