Records You Don't Have to Request

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The City of Greensboro puts many public records online for easy access.  Find those records and more with the guide below:

  • 'CITY' is for records of the City of Greensboro.
  • 'OTHER' is for important public records that belong, not to the City, but to other agencies such as Guilford County. 

Questions? Contact the Public Records Requests Administrator by e-mail or at 336-373-3636.

   Vital Records

Copies of Birth certificates and Death Certificates


Marriage Licenses


Divorce Certificates

  • Contact the Guilford County Clerk of Superior Court at 336-412-7300.
  • Divorce certificates from 1958 to present can be ordered from North Carolina Vital Records
   Court Records

 Court Case Records and Decisions


 Eviction Judgments

  • Eviction records are in the county court in which the eviction was filed. For evictions filed in Guilford County, contact the Guilford County Clerk of Superior Court at 336-412-7300.
  • Information about other county courts
   Public Safety

Police incident and Vehicle Accident Reports

 CITY Criminal Background Check 

Search and Arrest Warrants

  • Request a warrant from the Guilford County Clerk of Superior Court at 336-412-7300.  After a warrant is executed, Police returns the warrant to the Clerk.  Police has the warrant in its possession only if an officer made a copy for reference.
  • You can make a public records request for a warrant; however, it may take some time to obtain a copy.
   Property Records
 CITY  Building permits and inspections for properties located in the City of Greensboro
 OTHER  Permits and Inspections for Properties Located Outside City limits
Request information from the Guilford County Permits Section
 CITY  Housing Code Compliance Cases for Residences Located in the City of Greensboro
 CITY  Assessments and water liens for properties located in the City of Greensboro

 Records concerning the environmental background of a property, including hazardous materials usage and storage, aboveground/underground storage tanks, water supply wells, and septic tanks

Visit the website of Guilford County Environmental Health or call (336) 641-3771


 Property Ownership


 List of Vacant Residential Properties in Greensboro

The City of Greensboro does not maintain lists of vacant homes. According to NCGS 132-6.2(e), “Nothing in this section shall be construed to require a public agency to respond to a request for a copy of a public record by creating or compiling a record that does not exist."


 List of All Residences That Had Their Water Shut Off

The City of Greensboro does not disclose water shutoff lists pursuant to NCGS 132-1.1(c) “Billing information compiled and maintained by a city or county or other public entity providing utility services in connection with the ownership or operation of a public enterprise, excluding airports, is not a public record as defined in G.S. 132-1.”


 Blueprints of Homes

The City is not the custodian of blueprints of private buildings. Possible sources for blueprints are the original builder or developer of your home; the original owners or other previous owners; and your realtor. For tips on home research, see the Greensboro Public Library’s History of Your Home.

 CITY   Audit Reports of Programs and Operations

 City Council Meetings

Agendas, minutes, videos, and text of legislation


 City Council Closed Session Meeting

Meeting minutes


City Council E-mails

City Council members’ e-mails for the last twelve months are in Open Gate City, the City’s open data portal               

 CITY  Code of Ordinances
 CITY  Organizational Chart
   Minority and Women's Business Enterprises
 CITY  2018 Disparity Study for the Minority and Women's Business Enterprise Program                                                   
 CITY  Adopted Budgets
 CITY Comprehensive Annual Financial Report

 Information About Business Permits and Privilege Licenses


 List of Uncashed Checks Issued by the City

Open Gate City has all accounts payable checks issued by the City not cashed or deposited


City of Greensboro's Current Tax Rate

63.25 cents per $100 valuation 


 How Do I Calculate My City of Greensboro Annual Tax Bill?

The formula for calculating a property owner’s tax bill is: Tax value of property divided by 100, multiplied by City tax rate 

Example: What is the City tax bill for a property with a tax value of $150,000?
$150,000 ÷ by 100 = $1,500
$1,500 x .6325 = $948.75 tax rate


 How Do My City of Greensboro Taxes and User Fees Compare to Other North Carolina Cities?

The Budget and Evaluation Department prepares an annual comparison report of the typical household costs for a City resident to those from other North Carolina peer cities.

   Human Resources

 Current salaries of City Employees

Open Gate City has a dataset of current salaries for all employees