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Census Overview - by US Census Bureau

Guide to Completing Census Online - by US Census Bureau 

Census Questions (English & Spanish versions) - by City of Greensboro

Why is the Census Important for our Kids? - by US Census Bureau 

Counting College Students - by City of Greensboro

Census Job Opportunities - by US Census Bureau

City Manager's Census Message - by City of Greensboro

By now you have probably received a letter in the mail from the US Census Bureau asking you to respond to the US Census 2020.

This is the first year responding to the census may be done online or by telephone in the comfort, security and safety of your home. This is especially important with current COVID-19 concerns.

This is the website for responding and this is the phone number to call - 844-330-2020 (available daily from 7 am to 2 am EST).

Remember, the US Constitution requires every person living in the US be counted regardless of immigration status, age, race, gender or place of birth.

The 2020 census is important to all Greensboro residents because this census count affects how much federal funding our city gets for various programs for the next 10 years.

Our state could lose about $16,000 in federal funding over a 10-year period for each NC resident who isn't counted in the 2020 Census. Read more.

All info provided and linked to below is from official state and federal census-related websites.


Watch this and other census videos on YouTube.

What is the census?
When will I complete the census?
Who counts? Every body!
Why is my response important?
How will my responses be used?
Will my responses be kept confidential?
What is this citizenship question I keep hearing about?

US Census Jobs Available

Counting everyone in the US is a massive undertaking. To help, the US Census Bureau is hiring hundreds of thousands of people in communities across the country to assist with the 2020 count.

Watch this video then join the team.

Web page census job graphic